Shaping the future through sustainable architecture

Sustainable Modular Homes by ECOMO

Ecomo creates low-impact buildings using modular concept and prefabricated components with timber frames. Our Cape-Town based firm, founded in 2007 by Pietro Russo, specialises in consciously crafted modular homes across South Africa.

Our specialists follow a thoughtful design process that considers the natural surroundings of the building. We use the latest technology in modular construction to streamline the building process. Our projects use fewer resources, saving on material and water waste. This makes our modular homes more eco-friendly and affordable.

The Benefits of Prefab Homes: Fast, Affordable & Eco-Friendly

There are so many advantages to modular building projects compared to traditional building:

  • A greener, more sustainable process
  • Less invasive than homes with traditional foundations
  • Fast, efficient assembly
  • More flexibility to build in a variety of locations
  • Excellent quality control
  • Minimal waste
  • Minimal water usage

Our structures are beautiful as well as practical. Modular homes have a warmly minimal aesthetic, and we carefully consider the light, space and textures as well as the integration into the natural environment. Learn more about the Ecomo philosophy and the benefits of modular building here.

Modular Houses: Efficient, Eco-Friendly & Excellent Quality

At Ecomo we draw on the expertise of master craftsmen and manage the entire process of each building project from start to finish.

As general contractors, Ecomo efficiently delivers homes from the off site manufacturing through to the finished product, down to the finest details. Our integrated, responsible approach to building gives you excellent results on a shorter schedule and an efficient budget.

To find out more about our services, get in touch with the Ecomo team today.

Shaping the future through sustainable architecture

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