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Shaping the future through sustainable architecture

ECOMO – Shaping the future through sustainable architecture

Ecomo is a Cape Town based firm founded by Pietro Russo in 2007. Ecomo specialises in modular architectural design and construction, creating consciously-crafted and low impact structures. Ecomo Modular homes utilise current technology to streamline the building process, where creating a home is inspired by system built construction The aesthetic is warmly minimal with careful consideration for light, space, texture and the integration into the natural environment. As both Professional Architects and General Contractors Ecomo efficiently delivers homes from the initial planning stage through to the fine detailing of the finished product.

Ecomo draws on the expertise of master craftsmen and project manages the entire process. This integrated approach allows for inspired design and responsible building, while efficiently creating a cost effective yet exceptional product for the client.

Ecomo offers 2 modular design and construction solutions
* Off – Plan
+ Customised

Recent off-plan & customized projects